BvC Productions

  Some of our clients and projects we've worked on:
USACIL- "Gun Shot Residue Collection Techniques", turnkey 3D training video
USACIL- "DNA Processing, Pipetting Techniques", turnkey 3D training video
Real Earth Models- LIDAR mapping photography support
Georgia Power- "Distribution Automation", turnkey 3D training video
National Museum of Natural History- "Caving for Cures", director of photography, cave consultant
Lab 601- "On The Water", Yamaha watercraft documentary & 3D promotional, stereographer, second AC
Brown Forman- "Woodford Reserve" 3D installation, stereographer, director of photography, editor
Flight 33- "Live Fire", 3D program for 3Net, stereographer, director of photography
Vertical Ascent- "Thoroubreds" 3D program for InDemand, stereographer
Ridgeline Entertainment- "Reset" reality tv, director of photography
Fort Huachuca, Biometrics Lab- "IED Forensics", turnkey 3D training video
N4D, LLC- "Military Demo", turnkey 3D promotional
Vizitech USA- Promotional, turnkey video
Dave School- "Nazi Robots", 3D film project, director of photography, rig tech
Pyburn Films- "Deadly Descent", Discovery Science Channel, director of photography for sizzler reel
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy- "Treasured Places", global warming outreach, turnkey production
GRB Entertainment- "Untold Stories From the ER", season 1 episode 13, field producer, D.P.
National Geographic- "Wild Chronicles, Deep Southern Caves", field producer, director of photography
Ewards Aquifer Authority- stock cave footage, director of photography
Clean Air Task Force- "Diesel Emissions Study", segment producer, turnkey video production
HGTV- "Groundbreakers", multiple episodes, director of photography
HGTV- "Fix It Up!", multiple episodes, director of photography
Fox Sports- "Master Golf Tournament", camera operator
American Cave Museum- "Living On Karst", educational outreach, turnkey video production
i To Eye Advertising- "Ultrafab", product demonstration video, director of photography
Gary, Williams, Parenti et al- settlement brochure documentaries, turnkey video production
Warshauer Law Group- settlement brochure documentariy, turnkey video production
Lone Wolf Documentary Group- "Journey To The Center Of The World", cave pilot for THC, D.P.
GRB Entertainment- "Expeditions To The Edge", episode 8 for NGC series, writer, director of photography
Disney Films- "National Treasure, Book of Secrets", cave consultant, location scout